Hello December

assalammualaikum :) today is last day in November 2013. tak lama jeaa lagi nak masuk 2014 plak. how times fly. well, this semester would be end up on 11 January 2014 which is my last exam paper. this semester i have 5 subject and yes those are really tough ones even there's a lot multiple choice question papers. but still memorize is the first thing to do in study. i founded it is hard to study in University in taking degree differ with diploma cause the environment and level of education are high. sekarang semua orang sibuk dengan nak atur jadual untuk next semester same goes to me but i think i punya condition sekarang a bit high and hard cause most of my subject had been transfered credit so, there's only a few subject to carry on for the upcoming semester. differ with other friends, they are easily choose subject as they didn't have transfered credit. another thing is the system to add and drop subject is really irritate me. guess what, i woke up at 8am whereby the process begin, but then i still can not add and drop my subject because of the server. well, i still wonder how to solve this server problems as my uni always having this kind of problems. please imagine IF i late for add and drop subject how can i have the class for next semester and what would happen if the class is already full ?there's a thousand of students here and class is mostly full. erghh.

well, be happy then cause Allah always help His servants right ? please be nice DECEMBER :)

that's all folks :) thanks for reading.


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