Ouhh medsi exam. Sigh

Hellooo ;) it's 9.34 pm. And thanks to papa for the insight ninetology smartphone. I really love it. Lame tak update. Byk sgt perkara nak dcerita sampaikan sampai berlengah lengah nak update. Well. I nak share sikit about medsi exam yang few weeks later i took. I dapat satu sms dari kpt yang suruh i semak n cetak slip pendaftaran medsi exam. Macam nak runtuh rumah i lompat sebab terlampau suke. Yelaa, i want to be a teacher and suddenly i get into the journey which i dream of, gile tak suke nyahh. Huhu. Tapi a few days ago i da dapat result nye. Guess what i am not been selected. Hewhew. My friends remind me to be tough n advise me for not downed. Everything happens with a reason. My advise to readers, be yourself and not try to be anyone else even the situation makes u have to. Pffttt.

That's all folks. Thanks for reading


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