a woman to-be

salam and evening uollsss! huhu. tak penah kot panggil 'uollss'. buang tebiat.
how are you ? hope you are in pink of health okayy :) well, few days ago i am sick. high fever. i felt like i am totally survive to be myself. the sickness that you would never ever felt before. macam nak mati like seriously. tapi Alhamdulillah segalanya beransur pulih and i hope selepas ni segalanya berjalan dengan lancar. tak sedih, tapi i rase happy! maybe sebab this moment is the moment whereby i have a complete set of family :) even we are not go for a vacation like past years, but this new begin of 2013 really bring me into the real woman world. recently, i selalu post pasal real world, real life kan, tapi i pun taktahu nak explain macam mane. mungkin, when we are matured we are think seriously for the future. right ?

refer to my post title, i think i am in the path whereby a woman to-be. i am 21 years old. that's not the reason that i am a woman to-be. ececece macam boleh tukar name plak kann 'adrara darling ---> a woman to-be.
phew! macam nak tergelak jea. hehe. i've met a few people which really like to be and to look young. kalau uollss pilih ape ?

i akan pilih be matured. bile kita matured segalanya nampak kemas, elegan and..... intelligent. hehe. just think if we pretend to be young, does our face turns to look young ? even you are using a high chemical solution for your face, it doesn't look you a young person. i meant, just realize who you are. i tak cakap i bagus, tapi ni dari perspektif/pendapat i. kuasa tuhan kan sape jea yang boleh lawan ??even mukan nampak ala ala muda, leher tuu tak kedutss ke ? tangan tuu tak longgar kulit ke ? hurm. i tak perli orang okay, i cakap secara terbuka. kadang kadang i cukup tak faham, kenapa even you are pregant, your face looks you are 30-40 years old tapi still panggil orang umo 20an akak ? i tak faham tahap mane dia tadika. hmm. confusing. 

bagi i, pendapat i, a matured person does not say differ than that even think about it because matured person only looks in  the future and never turns back!

so live a life :) that's all folks :)
thanks for reading :)


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