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hi there. woot! lame gila tak post after blog i kena hacked. so untuk blog ni i lebih berhati hati. insyaallah takde lagi benda benda gila macam tu. try to imagined if your arts gone someday like mine. pheww! memang pressure. btw, thanks to readers yang still support i. well, i sekarang mungkin akan jadi full time writer or... i don't know. hehe. i meant, maybe :) sekarang i sibuk untuk uruskan macam macam to get in the better path. uruskan hal nak sambung degree. memang i feel regardless sebab lambat ambil muet and intake februari ni pulak sikit sangat programmes that have been offered. big thanks to kawan kawan yang tolong hebahkan berita no pin dah bukak ape sume tuu laaa kan.

within this week i have been saw many kind of people, i mean the attitude. i taktahu laa kenapa this week i asyik jumpa jea dengan manusia jenis ni. they are all lying and pretending to be nice in front of others but they are adverse actually. i hope dieorang berubah even my mom always remain me that, if they were bad, they'll always bad. tapi i still ingat pepatah ni 'don't judge a book by its cover'. you know what, this is the real world whereby we will meet this type of person and nothing is not possible in this world. ibu makan anak pun ado. haruuuu.

masa i study diploma dulu, my friends they were very kind and i like them so much but after i get into the real world baru i sedar we have to get ready always to faced the negative effect outside there. i tak cakap sume orang kat luar sane tuu jahat, i cuma nak nyatakan yang there is people yang jahat n baik outside there. don't get me wrong okay. nak cakap lebih lebih pun susah :) susah i nak terangkan lebih lanjut even sekarang dah 3 paragraph i taip. hahha.


that's all folks :)

thanks for reading :)


haruslah like... ahahahhahha

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