awhile huh .

been almost a month tak updated blog nii .
been busy laa mr. Bloggyy .
hari niy baru ade chance nak bukak .
urmm,, praktikal sudaa 3 mgu i guess ..
macam2 laaa blaku ..
lawak pun ade ..
tapi sume mcmm .. angin lalu jee.
mlas nak amik pusing .
heee ~
awhile not talking to my best fren ireenn
awhile not watching cartoon ( hehehe) lorat je cam bz sgt..
i like when i touch the bunch of paper.. it is like i am very busy .
i like it that way ..
been awhile not speaking in english at home .
been awhile not sleeping at the living room while watching Tv.
almost dead when he leaved me..
almost be good without himm.
almost happy when meet friend ..
almost faint when he wanted me back .
it is been awhile ...
ceitt ! cam lirik lagu plaakk daaa...


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